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empresa dedicada al aprendizaje de la tecnologia con base al sistema fischertechnik...

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Hello Kitty Smart Car Gangster

Whatever the opposite of yelling “thug life” is.
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Did you know that giant Pacific octopuses get “attached” to their aquarists—in a good way? These intelligent animals recognize our staff and may even embrace them after a long absence.
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Future Apple and Samsung phones may be waterproof.
Following on from this story about a new spray to keep your mobile phone water proof, it seems another company may be going straight to the source, and lining up deals with Apple and Samsung to coat all new phones in a water proof coating.
The company HzO has come up with a competing product called WaterBlock, which it claims “protects your devices on a molecular scale, so you can breathe easy”.
According to a report on PocketLint:

The company is hoping to sign big deals with all leading manufacturers. A spokesman for the company told Pocket-lint that it is in the process of signing up a major smartphone partner and a headphones maker in the very near future.
The plan for headphones is that they wouldn’t be damaged by sweat when running or water when swimming.
“We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn’t believe his eyes,” a representative of the company told us. “Samsung is really excited by the tech.”
The company has told us that they are also talking to Apple as well, hoping to be able to let Apple make the iPhone 5 waterproof.
“We expect HZO to be in next season’s phones,” HZO told Pocket-lint rather confidently.

Seems that NeverWet, which I also wrote about recently, will have some competition.
Good. The more, the better!
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Happy Birthday to Herochan’s Simon!
Aside from being a Woody fan, and just an overall swell guy…we have been fortunate to have Simon as part of our team. He works on several blogs on our network, and somehow finds time to be a full time student at Full Sail University. Also, he is quite the pixel artist!
He has a keen eye for finding amazing artwork, loves living life and speaks fluent Pirate with a Spanish accent. Happy Birthday to a good friend!
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Women of National Geographic | Nat Geo
“Jane Goodall’s story of a young girl who loved animals and dreamed of going to Africa and who found a way of making that dream come true—is also one of the great scientific sagas.” [more]
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Marvel reveals five new Avengers images
Marvel has thrown a bone to all those Avengers obsessives counting down the days until the film’s April release by unveiling a handful of new images…
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DC Entertainment Announces “We Can Be Heroes” Capaign

Success! SOPA & PIPA get pulled from Congress indefinitely


I have great news! House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) who is the author and sponsor of SOPA, made a statement this afternoon that he is pulling SOPA from the House “until there is wider agreement on a solution.”

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